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ecigreviewsE cigarettes are a Chinese revolution, like gunpowder. They were first manufactured in 2004 by a company called Ruyan, which by 2008 made a sale of more than 300,000 pieces. E-cigarettes come in many forms, sizes and shapes. Many resemble ordinary cigarettes in appearance, while others resemble like pipes or cigars, but all function in a similar way. 

E-cigarettes use purely synthetic nicotine and have no traces of tobacco in them. Airflow from mouthpiece suction gets the e-cigarette lit by a minute, battery-powered atomizer triggered by an inbuilt sensor. The heater activates a light at the opposite side of the mouthpiece and causes vaporization of liquid nicotine contained in a cartridge. Propylene glycol, responsible for producing the theatrical smoke is also vaporized by the heater. The smoker puffs in a hot gas that mimics the feeling of tobacco smoke. When exhaled, this hot gas creates a synthetic Propylene glycol vapor cloud resembling smoke, which quickly disappears.

New generation e-cigarettes have an improved nicotine-dispersal performance. They deliver less nicotine than traditional cigarettes and are safe and less toxic as highlighted in the e-cigarette review section. The bottom region of your e-cigarette is a battery, while the top part conveys the mouthpiece cartridge and battery powered atomizer.

E-cigarette reviews are important when making a choice for your most preferred e-cigarette that meets your expectations and taste and considers the following.

Starter Kits and disposable Packs

This is a choice of all that you need to begin or make a smooth transition to the e-cigarette world.

The starter kit comes as an all-inclusive package that saves the consumer a lot of purchasing different pieces separately. Some starter kits even come as double versions of the same brand. The best way to choose an e-cigarette brand is to buy a pack of disposable e-cigarettes. These come in ready for use, with a nicotine cartridge and battery already included. Once you are done with the e-cigarette, you dispose it off. Disposable e-cigarettes normally last as long as a couple of ordinary cigarettes do.

E Cigarette Flavors

e-cigarettesFrom the e-cigarette review, electronic smoking is a very new sensation. In any event, the white puff of vapor looks clean and smells great. You could never have appreciated expert selections as a puffer of traditional cigarettes, yet cartridges today come in peppermint, chocolate, peach, and many other varieties. You can now taste and emanation tobacco, menthol, or a gourmet flavor unfathomable some time recently. You have to experiment a brand’s flavors to have a guarantee that it is the preferred choice. E-cigarette reviews make this consideration for most smokers, as the most important consideration factor in choosing an e-cigarette brand. Some brands even come with labeled customer impressions on its vapor potency.

E-cigarette reviews of a few brands may publish warnings of diminishing intensity with time. Certain brands offer a smooth and consistent vapor and flavor right to the end of a cartridge. There is always an option of whether or not to refill cartridges. Refillable cartridges have a high probability of leaking, especially is their seal is poor or have been in use for a prolonged duration. 

Battery Life

A direct correlation exists between battery size and power. Keep in mind that the bigger and thicker your e-cigarette battery is the more influential its vapor will be and the more extended capacity it will have last between charges. From recent e-cigarette reviews, some e-cigarette brands offer longer life super-charged batteries, which give them a much-needed power boosts between charging. Rechargeable batteries can go for a year or longer, but the charge holding capacities differ with brands.  

Certain brands have a design that makes them look bigger and last longer too. A slimmer feminine’ battery version is sometimes available for the female smokers, but from the e-cigarette reviews, they are much weaker than standard-sized batteries.


Battery power is directly influenced by size. Elegant Sleek-looking e-cigarettes have less power than relatively bigger brands. A good e-cigar brand needs to keep its charge long enough to deliver enough puffs that meet the smoke’s expectations.

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